20 TIS Kiev Open Championship - for the honor of the company

7 mart 2017

This year, TIS is celebrating 20 years since its foundation. In honor of this event, the company acted as the title sponsor of the Open Championship in Kiev on sailing in the class Platy 25. 

The competition was held on 12-13 September in the waters of river. Dnipro in difficult weather conditions in the volatile east wind direction.The championship was attended by ten crews, composed of sailors Ukraine, Belarus and the Great Britain. For the first event sailing competitions could watch live. 

TIS organized direct broadcasting races and GPS monitoring of the position of each boat and distance signs. For those who could not see stream online, KRYC soon provide publicly available record of past events. September 13 at the yacht club «Riviera Riverside», a gala dinner and awarding of Champions Kiev. 

Following two days of racing, the victory and the title of Champion of Kiev in 2015 he won the crew Natalya Mihnushevoy and Boris Sweden. Second place went to the crew of Yuri Lyudorovskogo. Third was the team led by Peter Shevchenko.Also, the championship was held children's sailing regatta for sailors who are just beginning their sailing career.

Kiev Racing Yacht Club Junior Squad - this is the first regatta of pupils of children's school of yachting, racing yachts Kiev cube. Young sailors competed for prizes not less desperate than their older counterparts. All children received promotional gifts from the sponsor. 

The company TIS thanked the participants for their good and dynamic of the race, as well as the organizers, fans, sponsors and media partners for their support and magnificent sporting event - 20 TIS Kiev Open Championship!