Full-cycle manufacturing company
 the field of polymer products


We offer effective solutions based on deep market knowledge
and significant manufacturing experience:

  • We are 22 years old;
  • Modern production equipment;
  • Highly qualified staff;
  • Quality control on each stage;
  • We guarantee production and delivery terms.



Our services:

Why you should choose us?

We have been working successfully since 1995

The company continues to develop dynamically due to modern technological solutions

Lean production

Introduction of Kaizen philosophy at the factory showed the ways of improvement and further perfection of production

International Quality Standard ISO

All the companys products are environmentally safe and quality, we are responsible for quality control at all stages of the production process

About company

Trade  Information Service  is a full  cycle manufacturing company in the field of polymer products in various industries, has existed since 1995. The company offers a product of European quality of its own production using advanced technologies. We choose a creative approach to tasks solving, develop new products and improve service quality. We do our best to improve constantly the qualification level of our employees.


The production potential of the company also includes own laboratory, logistics, own development and highly qualified personnel, engaged in constant improvements in Kaizen style and being able to find the solution of the task in optimal time.

We are able to create!

How we work:

Production request

1 day

Estimating the cost of producing a forming tool

from 2 days

Conclusion of the contract

from 2 days

Mold design and manufacture

from 80 days

Testing and output debugging

from 4 days

Main production process

Packing, marking, warehousing, delivery (logistics)

After sales service



News and articles

New colors for the summer season 2017

New colors for the summer season 2017

«20 TIS Kiev Open Championship»

«20 TIS Kiev Open Championship»

Strategic Session

Strategic Session

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