Certified laboratory

The quality control of the product includes the stages from the drawing to the serial production and packaging of the products. During processing, materials exposed to sudden temperature fluctuations, which in one or another way affect the properties of the product. One of the important stages is laboratory research.

The production laboratory starts its work at the stage of raw material supply to the warehouse, and controls all stages of manufacturing with mandatory tests of the finished product in accordance with the normative documentation (Technical conditions, GOST, etc.). Each product manufactured by us being carefully checked for defects, and you can be sure that you will receive only high-quality products, which is confirmed by certificates for products.


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How we work:

Production request

1 day

Development of a technical solution

from 2 days

Conclusion of the contract

from 2 days

Mold design and manufacture

from 80 days

Testing and output debugging

from 4 days

Main production process

Packing, marking, warehousing, delivery (logistics)

After sales service

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