Design and engineering of plastic items

Design and product engineering is one of the important stages of production. That is why our specialists responsibly approach this stage and spend up to several weeks to preliminary design.

We carry out engineering calculations based on physical and mechanical properties taking into account the equipment, if necessary, we select the material, determine the least expensive method and design, that will satisfy the operating conditions.

We draw your attention that the service is provided only within the procurement procedure in our company.

Design and engineering include the following steps:

Stage 1

Development of a virtual layout that will reflect the concept of the future product, confirmation with the customer.

Stage 2

Creation a detailed drawing in the desired scale.

Stage 3

3D visualization of the product. If necessary, a trial lot is made.

Designing plastic products – This is a responsible process that can be called a combination of art and science. Engineers, designers and technologists of the company "TIS" work hand in hand to achieve an impeccable result. They pursue common goals – improvement of the aesthetics and ergonomics of the products produced, the creation of a structure that precisely satisfies the conditions of operation.
This also implements other tasks. Ways to reduce costs are being developed, ways to exclude defects in the lot are being identified, detailed engineering calculations are carried out taking into account the specifics of equipment and materials used. As a result, the end user, who has carried out an individual order, receives a quality product with decent properties.

Designing parts from plastics: stages of work

Integrated design of plastic products includes several steps. First of all, this is the development of a layout that reflects the concept of the product. If the customer approves the proposed option, proceed to the next step – creating a well-detailed drawing at a certain scale. At the final stage of the work, they are engaged in the volume visualization of the product, using 3D technology for this.

The choice of polymer material

A large selection of plastics is available to the company's employees, from which it is possible to perform custom molding under pressure. The final decision on the use of a particular material is based on the analysis of various parameters – purpose of the product, its operating conditions, size and shape. Most often they bet on durable synthetic polymers – polyamide, polypropylene, polystyrene. Plastics are quite durable, affordable and environmentally friendly.
Experts will tell customers about the properties of each type of raw material and help you find the right version of the pellets for casting certain polymer products in injection molding machines.

Designing plastic products from the company "TIS": review of the advantages  

The professional design of plastic parts offers the following advantages to customers from Kiev and other cities of Ukraine:
  1. Comprehensive service
“TIS” not only embody the ideas and give an expert marketing assessment of the concept. They are engaged in rendering, provide detailed advice, conduct research.
  1. Reduced manufacturing costs
In the process of creating concepts, designers try to maximize all reserves to save money.
  1. Responsible attitude
Knowing that preparation is an important part of the production, the employees of the company spend enormous human resources on drawing up projects. They have been working in this area for several weeks.
  1. Matching each step with clients
Based on the client's comments, the concept is amended. The project is transferred to the work after full approval, so the result is clearly in line with expectations.
  1. Affordable prices
The cost of the company's services is in an acceptable price range, but this does not affect the quality.

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