About company

We guarantee the maximum quality of products and maintain a high professional level of our services. Focused on the client and timely respond to changes of the situation and trends in the market. We are ready to cooperate at any stage of product realization and are ready to offer services selectively depending on the clients needs in the full cycle. Our clients entrust us to perform wide variety of operations, from consultation to manufacturing of forming molds with further production.

We cooperate with large companies that occupy leading positions in their industry and with organizations, which offer specialized products, have unique requirements and are interested in effective high quality solutions.

A significant number of our products being designed for individual orders; we also offer standard solutions in case the development of standard products is the most acceptable option. The list of industries using our products is extensive and includes such major areas as furniture production, lighting, construction, commercial equipment, electronics, household appliances, window solutions and so on.

Local production

You get European quality with minimal risks, a favorable offer on terms, facilities, logistics, etc.

Custom solution for the client

Our experienced specialists will develop a product that will perfectly match your needs, and will gladly implement your unique ideas

Modern production equipment

To maintain the leading position, new technologies are used, the equipment is upgraded and modernized, and preventive maintenance works carried out


To develop each project, we have more than 450 professionals, designers, technologists and a modern laboratory at your disposal.

Experience and high qualification of employees allow us to develop new technologies, recipes and product forms, based on the needs of the customer, ensuring high quality and reliability of partner relationships.

Starting from design and development to mass production, our products pass careful tests for reliability, identifying defects, putting to a full test cycle.

If you are interested in products with unique parameters, we are ready to fulfill your order. Our production facilities and equipment of the plant is your opportunity to choose the configuration of the item and obtain the necessary properties of the finished product.

“TIS” Group of Companies

ECO production

We control every step in the manufacture of a product.

Our company constantly monitors and improves the technology of polymer products manufacturing. All products comply with sanitary standards, allowing their use both in general and residential areas. Our company is responsible for the environment  we use only high-quality and certified raw materials without heavy metals, which reduces impact on the environment by increasing the efficiency of processes and using closed production cycles.

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