It is irreplaceable where high strength properties, heat resistance, minimum fluidity, dimensional stability of products, incombustibility, physiological inertness and resistance to the impact of various chemical reagents are required from the material. In the advertising and interior design using polycarbonate are made:

  • light structures, boxes, scoreboards;
  • signs and three-dimensional letters;
  • suspended ceilings;
  • office separations;
  • various interior solutions.

Polycarbonate Extrusion: Process Overview

Polycarbonate extrusion involves the phased implementation of a number of complex processes. First, the raw material is prepared, tested, and then fed to the inlet of the extruder. Since the polymer has sufficient viscosity in liquid form, it is melted to a certain consistency, and then forced under pressure through a die plate. The output is profiled products with a given geometry.

Used equipment

While engaged in the production of its own product line, and working on the fulfillment of individual orders from customers, the employees of the company “TIS” resort to the use of functional equipment. Special machines are installed in the workshops – extruders that do most of the work of plasticizing and supplying heated viscous polymer through molding core holes — heads.
Polycarbonate extrusion is impossible without the use of a number of auxiliary machines. Usually there is also a cooling device, a calibration table, pulling rolls and a cutting machine on the production line.
Products made in the workshop should not have signs of marriage. Therefore, if rough matte areas are present on the details, the equipment settings are carefully checked, exposing temperature sensors to the desired range, adjusting other variables. As a result, the details are smooth and shiny. They exactly meet the requirements of sketches, do not require further correction or refinement.

Extrusion of polycarbonate from the company “TIS" quality with a guarantee

By choosing to cooperate with a responsible company, customers receive the following benefits:
  1. Wide range of products
At production facilities, engineers create an extensive product line:
  • partitions for zoning space in offices, apartments, residential buildings;
  • interior decorations;
  • design elements for suspended ceilings;
  • light boxes, display boards and signs used for promotional purposes;
  • cable sheathing;
  • diffusers for lamps.
All products meet strict quality standards and are implemented in an acceptable cost range.
  1. Comprehensive transaction support
By purchasing at the factory, customers receive comprehensive assistance in various areas. They are provided with consultations, get acquainted with profitable ready-made solutions and develop new ideas.
  1. Prompt execution of requests
Thanks to the coordinated work of the staff and the availability of powerful production resources, custom-made products are promptly shipped to Kiev and other localities of Ukraine.

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