Polyvinyl chloride is a low flammable and self-extinguishing polymer. It is sufficiently resistant to acids and alkalis, has high dielectric properties, easy coloration. It is used to insulate electrical wires, seals, upvc windows, various profiles such as skirting boards, tile angles, etc.

PVC profile extrusion: an overview of technological processes

Extrusion of a profile involves several steps. The first step is the selection of raw materials, the variants of which can be granulated, granular or powdered polymers. Next, the prepared material feeds in a screw press, or extruder. Under the influence of high temperatures in the heating cylinder of the plasticizing device, the raw material acquires a viscous consistency. The compacted and homogenized polymer mass is forced through the hole in the forming head. Finished products are cut to the desired length, packed in containers and delivered to the final consumer in Kiev and other regions of the country.

Production line operation: PVC profile extrusion equipment

Plant production capacity “TIS” open opportunities for the production of any volume of products. The main element of the workshop is an extruder, however, for the operation of a production line, installation of additional functional units is required. This is:
  • take-up rolls;
  • saw;
  • calibration cooling element;
  • vacuum pump;
  • packaging equipment;
  • die;
  • profiler;
  • assistive devices.
The line has a high degree of automation, however, each stage of its work is under the careful control of operator technologists. Employees of the manufacturing company carry out monitoring in order to exclude rejections and defective parts in each batch of products. Due to the special properties of polyvinyl chloride, the profile shows resistance to fire, the action of chemical acids and alkalis. Finished products are durable, keep their appearance for a long time.

Extrusion of PVC profile from the company "TIS": the guarantee of quality and the best price

PVC profile extrusion – only one of the activities of the company “TIS”. Choosing cooperation with this manufacturer, customers get access to significant benefits. Taking a leading position in Ukraine for the processing of polymers, the plant is a leading supplier of ready-made solutions. Employees are working to create new ideas, taking individual orders from customers. The products are sold at the best price, while the quality guarantee applies to each unit sold from the catalog.
Continuous in-line production of a profile implies constant control of dimensions and precise automatic adjustment of the operation of the equipment used. Thanks to this, technologists and engineers of the company “TIS” produce standard profile products in the form of rods, pipes, and also take up the fulfillment of orders for the production of molded products of complex geometric shapes.

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