It is a polymer based on synthetic high-molecular compounds, characterized by a high melting point. It has high strength, as well as good antifriction properties.

Polyamides are used in products that require high performance properties and durability.

For the manufacture of polymer products with excellent strength characteristics, which demonstrate a long service life and have high performance characteristics, polyamide casting is used. Technology using this synthetic material is common for several reasons. The finished parts have a low susceptibility to thermal distortion, almost zero moisture absorption coefficient, decent anti-friction properties. They are used in the construction industry, in everyday life, as well as in the field of instrument making.

Polyamide injection molding: an overview of the merits of technology

The technology involves the use of thermoplastic polyamide granules as raw materials. She worked to perfection. Die casting provides high performance and processability. The method makes it possible to fully automate the main steps, to minimize scrap and defects in batches of finished products.

Used equipment, main stages of work

In the production workshop of the company, modern injection molding machines with mounted molds are installed. The equipment allows to produce complex workpieces with a lot of edges, surfaces and holes. The production process includes the following steps:
  1. Sketch Approval
First of all, preliminary work is carried out, during which the list of requirements for finished products is agreed with the customer. It is possible to custom-order non-standard blanks, for casting which a special mold is designed and manufactured.
  1. Material preparation
Polyamide granules, which are stored in the company's warehouse, are dried before melting. Then they are fed into the receiving hopper of the injection molding machine used in the workshop for heating.
  1. Polyamide molding
The viscous mass is fed into the selected mold under high pressure, applying a piston effect. The cavity is quickly and uniformly filled with a polymer composition, and then the material quickly cools and hardens.
Upon completion of the work on the production line, the connector of the form and delivery of products is carried out. They are checked, if necessary, refined, and then packaged and delivered to Kiev and other settlements of Ukraine.

Polyamide casting by “TIS”: profitable and high quality

Performing the manufacture of polymer products under the order, the company “Trade Information Service” provides customers with attractive terms of cooperation. Polyamide casting is carried out according to advanced methods, therefore compliance of products with strict standards is difficult to question.
The harmonious work of the company has been achieved through careful and timely quality control carried out by technologists. It is also important to have our own production base, which allows to produce solid volumes of products in a short timeframe.
Cooperation with customers involves comprehensive information support at all stages. Customers are provided with detailed professional advice, answer questions, assist in finding optimal solutions. At the same time, the cost of services of the manufacturing company is at a competitive level.

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