Solid, elastic, colorless, transparent, flexible and non-hygroscopic substance. Polystyrene products are widely used for the manufacture of household items (dishes, figurines, toys, etc.), lenses, fittings, etc.

Polystyrene Casting – widespread technology used by engineers of the company «TIS» in the process of creating blanks for sketches of customers. Thanks to the special properties of the raw materials – elasticity, high density and hardness, the finished parts are strong, reliable and durable. They are used in everyday life, furniture production, electrical industry and construction industry.

A bet on advanced technologies and functional equipment: a pledge of quality

Having one of the best industrial complexes in Ukraine, the company quickly and efficiently performs individual orders. Its resources are represented by its own laboratory, equipped with the latest technology, as well as functional injection molding machines.
However, the main asset of the company is personnel. Experienced engineers and technologists carefully monitor each stage of work in the workshop, eliminate the likelihood of factory defects and defects. The team of managers provides detailed advice and assistance in solving formal problems, helping with the organization of the delivery of batches of products to Kiev and other regions of the country.

The main steps: preparation, polystyrene casting, detailing

The first thing to do with the customer is to specify the size and design of the mold. Subject to previous design work, it may be its individual production. Next comes the main process:
  1. Mass preparation
The polymer is heated to a certain viscosity.
  1. Casting
With the help of a screw or a plunger, a viscous, heated mass under pressure is injected into prepared molds.
  1. Issue
When the parts cool, they are removed from the mold, packaged and delivered to the destination agreed with the buyer of the product.
Accurately following the technology allows you to minimize the risk of the appearance of details in the party with defects or defects. They are resistant to breaks and mechanical loads, and therefore have a wide range of applications. At the same time, the cost of each unit of production in the lot is in the affordable price segment.

Polystyrene casting: guarantees to customers from the company “Trade Information Service”:

By relying on impeccable customer service, the company guarantees each customer the following benefits:
  1. Compliance with sketch requirements
Finished products do not need additional refinement. Parts for appliances, children's toys, dishes and other items exactly meet the requirements of sketches approved by the customer at the preliminary stage of cooperation.
  1. Using quality materials
Raw materials for casting are carefully selected. Polystyrene is eco-friendly, affordable and practical.
  1. Comprehensive escort
Cooperation with the manufacturer involves comprehensive support in all areas. Customers are provided with detailed explanations, help to find the best design solutions, advise on the properties and qualities of polymer products.
Any batches of blanks based on polystyrene will be made to order in the shortest possible time, taking into account all the requirements and wishes voiced by the client as part of interaction with representatives of the company "TIS".

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