Polyvinyl chloride is a low flammable and self-extinguishing polymer. It is sufficiently resistant to acids and alkalis, has high dielectric properties, easy coloration. It is used to insulate electrical wires, seals, upvc windows, various profiles such as skirting boards, tile angles, etc.


Skirting boards

Plastic skirting is a plastic bar that is used together as a functional and decorative element designed to cover the joints between the floor and the wall and protect them from moisture, dust and dirt. Skirting made of PVC is used with a variety of floor coverings: laminate, parquet, linoleum, carpet, etc. Flexible edges are designed to fit more closely to the wall, and the cable-channel allows you to hide the wires carefully.

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Finishing profile performs an important protective function. It will help to prevent dust, moisture ingress, hide minor joint irregularities and create an aesthetic transition between different floor coverings.

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Tile trims

PVC tile trims are used to protect against damage and decorative finishing of the outer and inner corners of ceramic tiles. Trims are designed for the factory cut of tiles of appropriate thickness.

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Finishing corners

Finishing corners are reliable and resistant to environmental influences, for a long time they retain their original appearance, do not fade and do not change their color. PVC corners are considered to be one of the most popular options.

Advantages: durability, aesthetics, easy installation, democratic price.

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It is irreplaceable where high strength properties, heat resistance, minimum fluidity, dimensional stability of products, incombustibility, physiological inertness and resistance to the impact of various chemical reagents are required from the material. In the advertising and interior design using polycarbonate are made: light structures, boxes, scoreboards; signs and three-dimensional letters; suspended ceilings; office separations; various interior solutions.

LED Lenses

Polycarbonate diffusers give the lighting system a neat and beautiful appearance. In addition, thanking to the diffuser, the light becomes softer, but it does not fade. We offer two main varieties of diffusers: matt (OPAL) and transparent with increased UV protection properties.

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Thermoplastic polymer hydrocarbon, solid, colorless, lighter than water. It is one of the most common and safest polymers in the world. Used for the production of materials and products for packaging  film and plastic bags, containers (bottles, jerricans, etc.), pipes production, and also used for the production of artificial rattan.


Rattan thread is odorless, antifungal and anti-allergenic. The hygienic certificate for the products confirms the guarantee of safety even when in contact with food. Resistant to mechanical stress, weathering. Affordable material, durable and simple in maintenance.

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Solid, elastic, colorless, transparent, flexible and non-hygroscopic substance. Polystyrene products are widely used for the manufacture of household items (dishes, figurines, toys, etc.), lenses, fittings, etc.

Accessories / Parts

Each element of the hardware, whether its a plug, external or internal corner, performs a certain function. We offer sets of accessories for each of our products in the appropriate color and size.

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It is a polymer based on synthetic high-molecular compounds, characterized by a high melting point. It has high strength, as well as good antifriction properties.

Polyamides are used in products that require high performance properties and durability.

Accessories / LED fittings

We offer products from polyamide in lighting sector. Fittings for our LED profiles are characterized by high indurance and strength. Excellent engineering and electrical insulation material, which is characterized by increased frost resistance and a low degree of moisture absorption.

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The company “TIS” There are all the necessary resources for the release of its own product line from polymers. This is a laboratory equipped with the latest technology, a production department, a staff of qualified employees – designers, designers, engineers and technologists who work with enthusiasm to achieve a common result.

Range of products in the line

In the catalog, the manufacturer presents the following headings:
  1. Floor Plinths
Performing at the same time a decorative and practical function, the plinth for the floor is an integral element of the interior. With it, the edges of various types of flooring are fixed – linoleum, laminate, carpet. The flexible edges of the product allow you to mask the wires, and a durable outer casing ensures good adhesion and protection of joints from moisture, dust, and dust.
  1. LED lenses
Innovative lenses are used to add aesthetics and expressiveness to the lighting system. They gently diffuse the light, but do not make the stream dull. As a result, lighting devices look spectacular, beautiful, neat, without losing functionality.
  1. Tile angle
Laying ceramic tiles involves the use of a number of accessories. One of them is a plastic corner for a tile. The element performs a protective function, preventing damage and chipping of the facing material.
  1. Finishing profile for exterior corners
Using the finishing profile during repair work on an object, you can count on quick installation, excellent element resistance to wear. It looks aesthetically pleasing, does not lose its visual appeal under the influence of direct sunlight, moisture, mechanical loads.
  1. Rattan thread
For weaving, use a special rattan thread, which has no analogues in the market. At an affordable cost, the material has a solid set of qualities. It shows resistance to mechanical wear, has sufficient strength and reliability. The thread is hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, unpretentious in operation and care.
Other products of own production are on sale. These are masks for masking flooring joints, plugs and fittings kits, accessories for lighting systems.

Cooperation with the manufacturer: profile, angle and baseboard at the best prices

In addition to providing resources to save finances, the company takes into account other interests of clients. It offers ready-made solutions, using which customers will be able to quickly complete redecoration, perform construction operations, finishing work.
The quality of each realized unit is officially confirmed, and the design and construction of the products clearly correspond to the trends of current trends.
Buyers can order any production batches. Managers will provide them with all necessary consultations and explanations, will help to choose an option taking into account the budget and the voiced requirements. You can choose the color and size of the products at your own discretion by downloading a detailed product catalog from the site.

For more detailed information send a request or call:
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